Fleet Management Telematics

Drivers and vehicles are the asset of any business that has their own fleet. Effectively manage your fleet is essential to ensure reduced expenditure.

The ability to location your fleet can be used to ensure proof of delivery, hours behind the wheel and the compliance with working time legislation. We can also able to track the fuel consumption, mileage, speed, excessive Idling, Vehicle Maintenance Alert and many more allowing for other assessment in one centralised cloud-based interface.


TRACKTM is the latest Mobile Technology in Location Mobility Telematics, which employ a cloud platform that can be accessible either from your Mobile phone or any terminals.

TRACKTM provides a real time whereabouts of the field staff even they are in an indoor environment. It’s records the daily routes taken by the field staff and saved in the web server which allows an operation manager to generate historical location report. It is a highly versatile platform that also allows room for customization to match industry needs.

With all the information computed by TRACK™, it will benefit you:
Air Freight Forwarding
Increase Productivity
Supply Chain Security
Improve customer service
The E-commerce Effect
Real Time location of fleet
Ocean Cargo Roundtable
Fleet efficiency by monitoring excessive idling time
Import Fundamentals
Increase driver safety and better driver behaviour
Intermodal Roundtable
Efficiently manage fleet maintenance, resulting in reducing the wear and tear and increase vehicle performance